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Welcome to National Drivers Association

National Drivers Association was formed more than 30 years ago to bring a wide array of benefits and discounts to truckers and their families. We continuously review the benefit options available to drivers around the country in order to provide you - our members - with the best possible combination of health, fuel, insurance and legal aid discounts that are suited to your busy lifestyle on and off the road.

We offer two excellent benefit plans to suit your needs and your budget. Compare the plans listed below. Learn more by clicking on the Benefit Details link. Then, enroll or upgrade online.

National Driver's Association Benefit Plans

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Roadside Plus $30/mo
Basic $2/mo
Prescription Discounts
Chiropractic Referral Program
EyeBenefits Contact Lens & Lasik Surgery Discounts
EyeBenefits Vision Network
Legal Assistance Program
TCS Fuel Card Access
Roadside Assistance
- 24-Hour Fuel, Oil, Fluid and Water Delivery Service
- 24-Hour Flat Tire Assistance
- 24-Hour Lock-Out Assistance
- 24-Hour Battery Assistance
- 24-Hour Wincing/Extrication Assistance
- 24-Hour Towing Service (up to 75 miles free or 3 hours port to port)
$25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Benefit Details

Some of our benefits include:

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Chiropractic Referral
  • Legal Assistance Program
  • and many more!

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